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HXR Series Guardrail & Solar Pile Driver

HXR Series Guardrail & Solar Pile Driver

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    HXR Series Guardrail & Solar Pile Driver





  2. Hxr Series Guardrail & Solar Pile Driver

    1. Daily check and care of machine

    a. After or before operation every day, all joint points of screws must be checked, see whether they are getting loosed, especially the screws on joints points of main machine and operation device. If there are loosed screws, immediately tighten them.

    b. Observe interface of hydraulic elements with eyes to check if there are any leakages at the pipe joints of all oil circuits.

    c. Before each work shift, the machine should be run 1-2 minutes (a litter longer in winter) with medium speed, and operate handles with hand for warming up.

    d. Infuse lubrication to each lubricating point once before operation of each shift.

    2. Use and maintenance during running-in period

    a. Running-in period refers to 100-hour operation period since hydraulic pile is started. During the running-in period, machine must not be over-loaded. And the life of the machine largely depends on running-in period.

    b. Cleanness of hydraulic pressure oil should be checked 50 hours after the machine begins operation, and the grade of cleanness must not be less than 18/15; at the same time, check and clean intake and return oil filters, and they should be cleaned or replaced every 200 hours later; during the check. It should be noticed whether rubber or asbestos gasket is damaged, and the damaged ones should be replaced in time.

    3. Level of hydraulic oil should be checked every day to ensure the height of oil level.

    4. Attention: clean oil box.

    When machine has been operated for 400 hours, hydraulic oil box should be washed completed; remove oil discharge screw plug, discharge all hydraulic oil, and replace screw plug; take out filter net, wash and put it to original place, fill hydraulic oil in half box, then discharge oil again. Wash the filter net, and put to original place, fit on screw plug, and fill the hydraulic pressure oil to full box. Air filter and its filtering core should be often checked.

    5. Hydraulic pressure oil of the whole machine should be replaced after 800 hour-operation; the replacement should be done under heat state; and before discharging, operation device should be laid on ground, and the engine should be shut down. After discharging, carefully check. Intake and return oil filter, filtering core of air filter, pipeline and interfaces.

    a. Check if the fixed screw plug is getting loosened.

    b. Check if the belt of diesel machine fan is in correct tightening.

    c. In hot climate, the environmental temperature is much too high, so operation time should be regulated (it is highly recommended operation be done during morning or night time) or shorten the time of continuous operation.

    6. When the machine has been stopped operation for a long time, nitrogen in hydraulic pressure hammer should be completely discharged, and oil port is firmly prohibited to be exposed. Keep complete machine clean, and cover it with plastic cover. When it has been stayed idle for 6 months, operate machine parts for 15 minutes without load, and at the same time, fill lubrication to related parts.

    7. Battery use

    This pile driver utilizes high quality battery, it should be paid attention to the positive and negative connection in case of short circuit and burn out the battery. The battery should be charged once every month if out of use for long period. When in use please don't connect it randomly to avoid the battery discharge.


  3. 1. Working temperature:

    Environment temperature25℃~40℃.

    Working temperature of hydraulic oil: 30 ℃ ~65 ℃ , the hydraulic oil were selected according to different temperature of different regions.

    Low latitudes regions     HM68 (30-40)

    High latitudes regions      HM46 (0-30)

    2. Main points for operation and special notices

    a) Before operation, check each system until they are identified as normal, and the engine should run for 3-5 minutes with no load.

    b) Before or after daily work, strictly check whether any joining screw is getting loosened. If any screw is getting loosened, immediately tighten it.

    3. The operator must be trained specially before allowing to operate the machine.

    4. Safety valve has been adjusted when delivered from factory, no need to make adjustment in the construction process, and if need adjustment in particular cases you can contact the manufacturer.

    For more information please contact us directly or refer to our video on Youtube below:

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