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FAQ Solutions

Pile Driver

1.What about the service? what is the procedure if something will break? Have you got any service team/distributor in Europe?

6 months warranty time, if any parts broken during warranty we will send you new one free for replacement. We don't have service team/distributor in Europe.

2.What is the HS code for your pile driver?

HS code 8430100000

3.Have you got any movies which shows your machines in action?

Yes, pls see videos below of our two kinds of pile driver, both of which have multi functions, as one of your post lenght is 4m we suggest our HXF series machine, kindly check attached quotation sheet.

4.Is your machine equipped in extractor? (tool removing piles from the ground)

We have extractor tool to remove piles from ground, price of which pls refer to attached quotation sheet.

5.Please send me specification showing strength and regulation of the hammer:

Pls check attached brochure.

6.Did you ever sell your products to Europe especially to some solar company? I would like to check your references with them - please send me some contact info.

Sorry we haven't sold machine to Europe yet, now our main market is Asia and South America.

7.If your machine has illumination system?

Yes.Pls see attached photos.

8.What type diesel engine do you use?

We use "Weichai Power" diesel engine, which is the best engine company in China.

9.When operating against a gradient, can the mast (screw mechanism) adjust to the left / right as well as to the front / rear in order to screw the pile 100% vertical?

Yes.The mast can be adjusted left/right with distance of 450mm and forward/backward with angle by 20°to keep the pile vertical, you do not have to move the track for micro positioning.

10.What is the estimated average fuel consumption per hour while working?


11.Will you be able to provide & install GPS systerm on your machines?

Yes, but pls be advised that we need time to check the details and price as it is not the standard configuration of our machine.

12.Could you provide a stabilizing clamp/guide to hold the pile at the bottom?

Yes, pls see attachment.

Kelly Bar For Brands Piling Rig

1.What is the warranty period?

6 months, during warranty period all parts broken will be replaced by new ones for free.

2. As per your payment schedule, your warranty periods is not secured by any performance bond, so is there any way to solve this issue?

If you can't trust us for the first time,we can offer 5% FOB order amount as deposit which you need to pay 3 months after you received our kelly bar,ok?Actually you are the first client we offer warranty deposit cause we pay great attention to the cooperation with you.

But pls be noted this warranty deposit is offered only for the first cooperation between us, if for future orders pls do by our regular payment term.

3. Could you extend the warranty period to 12 months like other suppliers?

Sorry 6 months warranty is the regulation of our company.And as far as we known, kelly bar is a wearing part of rotary rig and the fact is no manufacturers from China really do 1 year warranty, even someone promised just for getting the order.

Actually we have agent for kelly bar in Malaysia, our agent said that the Bauer company in Malaysia doesn't provide any warranty for their kelly bars.

For us we will do strictly as we promised, although we offer 6 months warranty,if some quality problems happened out of warranty, I will try to ask our company to help deal with it, I believe for long-term cooperation and our reputation, our company will agree extra service in case.

4.In addition, please advise us if you have had any products sold to *** before that we can refer for general purpose.

Sorry we have not sold kelly bar products to *** yet, but we have agents in both Malaysia and India and we have good market and reputation there,if you need we can give reference.

5.Can I ask about if the kelly bar become shorter and only 3 pipes not 4The last one you sent as I understood 10m long

And 4 pipes , so can drilling only 28 meter ? Should be 37 meter I think ?

If you need pipe length 10m, with 4 pipes, the drilling depth of kelly bar should be about 34m,it is hard to drill 37m,may I know what drilling depth you need?

6. Delivery time of kelly bar?

Usually takes 7-10 working days.

7. This Kelly should be strong enough to work in hard soil?

Our kelly bar uses the best pipes with low carbon alloy steel material and has the most reasonable structure, which makes it has better working performance in hard soil.

Kindly find attached doc with some advantages of our kelly bar, from which you can get these advantages will greatly improve the stability of our kelly bar during working in hard rock and reduce the failures.

And we have patents for some of these advantages, which means no other suppliers from China can make such kelly bars suitable for hard rock.

8. What is the material of your pipe? And your material grade?

We use 27SiMn and Q550 for our kelly bar, for details pls refer to attached technical data.

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